Cute Ways to “Put a Ring On It”

Marriage proposals are a big deal. When you propose to your girlfriend, you are asking her to spend the rest of her life with you; do it in a way that she will never forget.

Go big or go home

Some people like to go all out when it comes to proposing. This may be the more expensive route, but she’s sure to never forget it. Take out an advertisement in her favorite newspaper (or, The Guide!). Or, do something really big like hire a skywriter to write “Will you marry me?” in the sky while you are on a romantic picnic. Others like to take a big trip to somewhere romantic and fun like Disney World to propose to their girl.

(Best photobomb ever!)

Make it personal

If you propose in a way that means something to both of you, but may not make a lot of sense to outsiders, this will mean a lot to her. Sure, maybe people won’t understand, but that’s what makes it so special; it’s your little secret. For example, my now-fiancé decided to catch me completely off guard by putting a ring box in the bag with my favorite salad from Panera Bread that I asked him to bring home for me. I was so shocked and delighted that I didn’t even care about the salad anymore. Now, whenever we go to Panera Bread (one of our favorite restaurants) and I order that salad, I am flooded with happy memories of the day he asked me to be his wife. People may think I’m crazy when they look over and see me smiling at my salad, but it means something to me, and that makes it really special.

Go geeky

Some of the cutest proposals (in my eyes, anyway) are the ones where the guy does something geeky for his sci-fi loving, zombie-killing, Magic-playing girl. Watch this video of a level a guy made in LittleBigPlanet to propose to his girlfriend.

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