5 Simple Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Whether you’ve just met the girl of your dreams or you’ve been dating the same woman for a while, you should always make an effort to keep her happy, and vice versa. Follow these simples tips to help keep your woman (and you) happy.

Clean the house

There is nothing I love more than when my fiancé helps me clean up. I absolutely hate housework, and when he helps me clean, it makes me feel like he’s really making an effort to keep me happy. If you’re a guy and you think you’re above doing housework, you should probably go ahead and pack your bags.

Make time for date night

Sometimes as relationships grow older, the spark tends to fade. However, that won’t happen if you make an effort to keep that flame burning bright by taking your girlfriend out on a date at least once a month. Sometimes, due to work and other obligations, it’s hard to make time to relax and enjoy each other’s company; but, for someone as special as your girl, you can make time. Try a new restaurant, go see a new movie, or enjoy a fun round of mini golf.

Talk it out

Yes, I know guys don’t generally enjoy talking about their feelings, but it’s important to be open with your lady friend, especially if something she did is bothering you. Don’t bottle everything inside; talk to her about what’s bothering you. Try to do it when she’s stress-free and calm to make things go smoother.

Express interest in her interests

This may be something you’ve never thought about doing before, but it will mean a lot to the special lady in your life if you actively show an interest in her interests. If your girlfriend loves romantic comedies but you loathe them, agree to watch one with her one night just to make her happy. And don’t just sit there on your phone the whole time, either. It will mean a lot to her if you watch a movie with her that she knows you don’t like. She will know you did it just to please her.

Listen to her

Turn off your selective hearing and listen to what your girl is saying. How many unnecessary arguments have you had that involved you not listening to something your girl told you? It’s never too late to become a better listener. These tips are sure to help you keep the special woman in your life happy.


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