Tips for Taking a Dating Profile Picture

When it comes to online dating, your picture is the first thing people notice. With these tips, you can have a great profile picture that will ensure you get a date!

1) Lighting

Lighting can make or break a photo. You don’t need professional lighting equipment to get a great shot. Take your photo outside in the evening or on an overcast day to avoid unflattering shadows caused by the sun.

2) Angle

Take the picture at a flattering angle. For example, never take a photo from below; this will make anyone appear to have a double chin. If you’re taking the picture yourself, hold the camera up a little above your head. A few years back when I was a preteen, we called this the “MySpace pose.” It’s still a great pose because the angle captures your best features.

3) Camera

Use a good camera or smartphone when taking your picture. A blurry, grainy picture won’t attract anyone.

4) Wear something bright, but not too loud

When it comes it your clothing, make sure you don’t wear anything that distracts the viewer from your features. You don’t want to wear a loud pattern, but rather  a solid color that flatters your eye color and/or skin tone. Wear a bright color so that your photo stands out in search results.

5) Don’t go crazy with Photoshop or Instagram filters

Editing out a blemish is fine, but don’t edit your photo so much that it doesn’t even look like you anymore. You want to look as natural as possible.

Use these tips to get that perfect profile picture so you can start dating in no time!

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