Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn, you should be. It is a business-oriented social networking platform and a great place to look for jobs, build connections within your career field, and read professional articles.

Here are some tips that, if followed, will make your LinkedIn profile stand out among the rest.

Add a photo

Without a photo, your LinkedIn profile will likely get overlooked by potential employers. Adding a photo is a simple but very effective way to make your profile stand out. You don’t need to hire a photographer; just take a close-up of yourself with a decent camera.

Join a lot of groups

Think of LinkedIn Groups as virtual meeting rooms where people in the same field can come together and talk about things they’re interested in. They can ask each other questions, share articles, and make connections in their field. LinkedIn Groups are a great way to connect with people in your chosen career field.

Make sure all contact information is up to date

Always keep your contact information updated on LinkedIn. If you don’t have updated contact information, you may miss out on a great career opportunity. To edit your contact information, go to Profile–>Edit Profile–>Contact Info near the top of the page.

Change default headline

By default, your headline on LinkedIn will be your current position at your job (e.g. Customer Service Representative at Walgreens). According to this article on LinkedIn, if you want to stand out, you need to change your headline to something that states what you are, who you help, how you make their work/life better, and proof that you are credible. A good example would be, “Fundraising consultant who helps major non-profits raise more money. Clients include the Red Cross and YMCA.”

Update your publications

Publications aren’t just for written work, although if you’ve had work published, you should definitely list it. The publications section on LinkedIn is also great for featuring blog posts you’ve written, especially ones you’ve written for other sites.

Request a recommendation

Recommendations look great on your LinkedIn profile. Ask people you know well and have worked with for recommendations. Be aware that each recommendation is job-specific, so your recommender will have to keep that in mind.

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