Tips For Surviving Memorial Day Weekend on Delmarva

It’s that time of year again! Pools are opening, meters are going up at the boardwalk, seasonal businesses are opening their doors, and we’re officially kickstarting tourist season on Delmarva.  According to AAA, more than 37 million Americans are expected to travel for Memorial Day. That’s the highest volume since 2005. (Source: On one hand, local businesses thrive during the holiday weekends, but for residents, that means we need adjust to the high volume of traffic on our roads.

So how does one go about enjoying Memorial Day Weekend without getting stuck in traffic? There’s more ways to celebrate than the traditional trip to the beach.

1. Have a backyard barbecue or party. You don’t even have to leave the house to celebrate. Weather permitting, you can make an entire day out of a nice family gathering. Pick up some local produce, fire up the grill, and show off the results of all that spring cleaning and gardening you’ve been doing!

2. Go off the beaten path. You don’t have to brave Route 1 to enjoy the great outdoors on Delmarva. Visit one of the State Parks for fishing, boating, camping, and more! We also have the beautiful Nanticoke River right here in Seaford, Delaware, which is the largest Chesapeake Bay tributary in the lower part of the peninsula.

3. Check out a local event. Pick up a copy of The Guide this Wednesday to see what’s going on this weekend. There’s the Hebron Carnival, Auctions, Memorial Day sales events, and much more!

Whatever you decide to do this Memorial Day Weekend, we would like to wish you a safe and happy weekend from your friends at The Guide!

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