5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Local Produce

1. It tastes better. 

If you’re buying produce from your local stand, chances are it was probably picked within the last day. It’s nice and fresh, which means it will taste much better than what’s been sitting in the grocery store produce aisle for days.

2. It’s better for the environment.

Are you interested in reducing your own carbon footprint? Start by buying your food locally. It just makes sense. Why buy food that has traveled across the country by truck, when you can visit your local produce stand? Buying local means less gasoline was used in the delivery process, thereby reducing the amount of pollution leaking into the environment.

3. It’s more nutritious.

From the moment it leaves the farm, fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutrients. Certain fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer than others, but ideally, you want to eat produce that has just been picked in order to optimize the amount of vitamins and nutrients you are getting from your food.

4. It’s safer.

The more hands that come into contact with your produce, the more likely it is to become contaminated. Just take a moment to think about steps involved in transporting produce across the country. When you buy from your local farmer, you are cutting back on the amount of people potentially touching your food, therefore reducing the risk of food borne illness. Just remember, wherever you buy your produce from, always take steps to thoroughly wash your food before eating.

5. It supports your local economy.

When you buy local, you are strengthening your community. The money you spend on local produce goes right back into the local economy. And you are ensuring that the hardworking farmers in your area can continue to grow delicious, fresh produce for years to come.

Not sure where to shop? Check out The Guide! We have listings from produce stands all across Delmarva. Browse the Produce section of The Guide Classifieds to find a stand near you!

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