Write the Perfect Classified Ad

Classified advertising is a proven and effective way of buying and selling locally. After 57 years of printing and delivering Classified advertising for Delmarva, we like to think we know a thing or two about the art of writing Classified ads. Follow these tips to make your next Classified ad in The Guide shine!


Don’t forget the important details. For events, provide all essential information such as the date, time, and location. For products, specify what condition the item is in, what brand or manufacturer made the item, and the price. Include any details that make what you’re selling unique.

However, don’t feel as if you need to write a novel. Try to cut back on unnecessary wording and provide only essential information. Be sure to provide contact information (email address, phone number) so that potential buyers can inquire for more information. If you’re having a hard time fine tuning the details of your ad, just give us a call! Our customer service representatives are here to help you, and will be happy to assist you with wording and any other questions you may have.


Every ad printed in The Guide that also includes photos on our website, reads ‘SEE INTERNET PICTURE’. Play on your potential buyers curiosity and make them want to go online and see more. It’s one thing to say that the car you are selling is in excellent condition, but take photos of that spotless paint job, the new tires, and the vehicle will sell itself. Providing photos will also make your ad appear more genuine.

The Guide makes it easy, and free, to include up to 6 color photos alongside your Classified ad on http://www.theguide.com. You can take the photos on your camera or phone, or stop by our office and we’ll handle the photography for you. You can even add photos after Wednesday’s publication date. Simply log into your account on http://www.theguide.com, or email your photos to info@theguide.com at any time during the dates your Classified ad will be running.


Pick up a copy of The Guide and browse through the Classifieds. Which ads pop out at you immediately? Do you find yourself drawn to bold headings? Perhaps you can use some bold lettering in your next ad. Try highlighting details such as brand names, dates and times, and other important pieces of information that will help draw readers to your Classified ad.

Follow these simple tips and watch your ad flourish!



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