Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Thanksgiving is all about family and gratitude. It shouldn’t be a stressful event. Follow these tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving!


Make A Menu. Create a list of all the items you wish to cook. Coordinate your menu with family members so you don’t end up with 3 dishes of green bean casserole. A little bit of communication and preparation is a great recipe for a stress-free Thanksgiving.


Shop Early. Try to get to the grocery store at least a week in advance. Pick up the ingredients that won’t need refrigeration, such as canned goods. Fresh turkey can be picked up a day or two ahead of time. Frozen turkeys keep for much longer and can be purchased weeks ahead of time.


Cook and prepare ahead of time. Start your prep days before! Pies can be made ahead of time and frozen. Chop your vegetables ahead of time and keep fresh in ziploc bags. Stuffing can be made the day before and chilled up to 24 hours before baking. Other items that can be made ahead of time are gravy, and sides such as mashed potatoes and casseroles.


Fill Up The Cooler. Coolers aren’t just for the beach. Save room in your refrigerator by placing drinks in a cooler. This will help eliminate some of that refrigerator clutter on Thanksgiving day.


Ask For Help. Ask your family for help prepping dinner, whether that be bringing prepared dishes along, or helping out in the kitchen the day of. Even assistance decorating or setting up the table will take a lot of stress out of the kitchen.

Keep Children Occupied. The last thing you want around hot dishes and fine china is bored children. Keep children away from the kitchen with fun Thanksgiving activities and crafts. Here are some great ideas below.


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