Increase Sales During the Winter

The birds are migrating, snowflakes are falling, and many businesses are feeling the January slump. Don’t wait for business to pick back up, be proactive! Smart business owners know that marketing happens 365 days a year. The earth may be hibernating, but your sales shouldn’t! There are many ways to increase your sales during the winter months.


Online Advertising. These days, everyone is online. And your business should be too. In addition to having a solid, quality website, you should also be utilizing online advertising to drive traffic to your site and your business. But the prospect of advertising online can seem daunting at first. There’s a world of options available and so many variables. But this shouldn’t stop you from putting your business out there. Do a little research and figure out what outlet is best for your business. If you need help getting started, consider online advertising with The Guide. Click here for more info.


Print Advertising. Don’t let anyone tell you print is dead. Print continues to be a preferred method of advertising, especially for local small businesses looking to reach potential customers. 56% of consumers trust print marketing over any other advertising method (source).  There’s a perceived amount of trust with print advertising, and it is no wonder that consumers still rely on print ads to influence purchasing decisions. If you’re looking to advertise with a trusted print source, go for The Guide. The Guide has over 56 years of experience providing locals with a weekly trusted advertising publication. Read more about your print advertising options here.


Marketing Materials. Take your marketing to the next level with marketing materials centered around your business. Below are a couple of options to consider.

• Direct Mail. 70% of Americans report finding direct mail more personal than online ads (source). And they’re right. Direct mail is tailored to a small group of people, and is ideal for finding and securing local customers. The key is to include an offer that is irresistible. Including a coupon is a popular option, because it ensures that your customer holds onto the offer until they can use it, and it keeps your business on their mind. Sussex Printing Corp. can help you design and print a post office compliant piece of direct mail to suit your needs.

• Brochures. Educating your potential customers is essential. Today’s consumers are smart. They do their research before purchasing. So by offering information about your business, you increase the likelihood of sales. Brochures are a great, compact way to pack a lot of information into a small, streamlined piece. Brochures are versatile and can be either displayed or distributed. Make sure to brand your brochures by using your company colors and photos and font choices that clearly reflect your business standards. If you need help designing that perfect brochure, turn to Sussex Printing Corp. for expert design services and in-house printing.

Your marketing possibilities are only limited to your imagination. See what else you can print to increase sales here.

However you choose to market your business this winter, remember that your business is an essential part of our economy, and that you have something of value to offer your customers. How you choose to show your customers this is up to you!



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