Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter

January and February are, on average, the coldest months of the year on Delmarva. And the cooler temperatures mean higher heating bills. Nobody wants that! Fortunately, there are small things you can do daily to keep your home warmer without cranking up the heat.

Space Heaters. Use strategically placed portable heaters and only heat the rooms you are in. This way, you can turn down the temperature and still stay warm.


Utilize Sunlight. The sun is the ultimate source of heat. After all, it warms our entire planet! Use the power of the sun to keep your home warm. Keep your curtains open during the day (this will help you use less electricity for lighting, too!) in places where you receive direct sunlight. At night, close the curtains to help reduce drafts.


Don’t Heat an Empty Home. If everyone is out for the day, remember to turn down the heat to save money. There’s no sense in heating an empty house!

Proper Insulation. If you feel a draft, it’s important to address it. Those pesky drafts are making it much harder to heat your home than it should be. Check windows, doors, and electrical outlets for starters, as they are often the culprit.


Keep Windows & Doors Locked. In addition to increasing the security of your home, turning the locks also causes windows and doors to shut tighter, and therefore more effectively keep the heat in.

Keep Vents Clear. If your vents are on the floor and are being blocked, this may need addressing. If it’s something as small as just reorganizing your room slightly, it will be worth it to get better airflow.


Also, watch your pets. They love to lay on the vents and hog all the warm air for themselves.

Pile on the Blankets. Set your thermostat back a couple of degrees before bed and add a few extra blankets. Your body heat works wonders for keeping you warm. Opt for fabrics such as flannel and wool.

Get Cooking. The saying goes “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”. But right now, you love the heat, so get in the kitchen and get cooking this winter. Using the oven will add some welcome extra warmth to your home.


Put on a Sweater. Your parents may have declared this many times in your youth when you complained about the cold, but it’s sound advice! Since you’re not in public, feel free to whip out the ugliest, warmest sweater in your closet. We won’t judge.

How do you keep warm in the winter? Tell us in the comments!


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