5 Reasons to Visit the Beach Right Now

Summer may be winding down, but right now is the absolute best time to visit Delmarva beaches. Here’s why:

1. Cooler Temperatures. The weather in late August/early September can be much more preferable when compared to 100 degree days in the middle of summer, particularly for those more susceptible to heat stroke or headaches.

2. Warmer Water. Even during the hottest days, the water in the summertime can sometimes feel frigid. Going from one extreme to the next, from hot, humid air to chilly water isn’t necessarily the most relaxing experience. But later in the summer, the water warms up and makes for much more pleasant swimming.

3. Less Crowds. Tourism has slowed down and the beaches are less crowded at this time of year. You won’t have to fight for a spot on the sand, or a place to park, especially if you go on a weekday. And you can enjoy nature better without the clamor of large crowds.

4. Less Traffic. If you’re the type who can’t stand sitting in traffic (aren’t we all?), then right now is a better time for you to visit the shore. Getting to the beach at this time of year is a lot easier, with children back in school and less people taking vacations. Take advantage of clearer roads and head to the beach!

5. Lower Risk of Sunburn. The sun is closest to us in late June, on the summer solstice. The closer the sun is, the easier it is to get burned. Visiting the beach in the later months of summer is a safer alternative for people who burn easily. But don’t skip out on the sunscreen altogether. Always use sunscreen and reapply as often as necessary.

What’s your favorite part of visiting the beach? Tell us in the comments!


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