Apps for Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, more than likely, your work day doesn’t end when you leave the office. You’re always on the go, monitoring your business and ensuring its success through hard work and dedication. Are you using all the tools available to you to help you achieve your goals? Check out this list of apps to help your business run smoother and increase your productivity and profits, right from your phone!


This app is a great visual way to save content relevant to your industry for later reading. Use it to save articles, videos, and images. You can even tag your content for easier search and organization. Pocket is available for desktop, iOS, and Android.


Time is money, so tracking your time is essential when running a small business. This productivity app allows you to set up tasks and keep your team on track. TrackingTime also has its own analytics so that you can easily measure the success of your time management and make adjustments to your workflow accordingly. Continue reading

Updates From the Delaware Family Owned Business Awards

IMG_0535Our president & COO, Amy Higgins, recently attended the Delaware Family Owned Business Awards in Newark, Delaware. There were 17 finalists present at the award ceremony. We are elated and humbled to have received the award for Medium-Sized Business.

We do what we do every day, not for recognition, but because it is important to us to maintain the same standards and integrity that our company was founded upon. Our customers, some of whom have held the same prime page positions for nearly 30 years, expect results. Results that we are sure to deliver every Wednesday.

If you’re in the Seaford area, stop by and see us, and we’ll show you why we continue to be Delmarva’s Leading Weekly Advertising Source.


Celebrating 57 Years

This week marks 57 years of The Guide. From our beginnings as a small advertising flyer, to where we are today, has been a journey. Our continued success is owed to our strong advertiser base and loyal readers that pick up The Guide every Wednesday. There are many elements that contribute to the longevity of a business. One major element for us, especially in our industry, has been the ability to adapt to change. The world is a different place than it was back in 1959. You need look no further than the phone in your pocket for proof. Change is a natural part of life, and how you handle it plays a large role in your success.


Throughout the years, we have stayed on top of the latest changes in our industry. This has involved upgrading our equipment, technology, and workflow to consistently produce a publication that meets the needs of our customers. Our website first went live in 1995, and since then we’ve grown with the digital boom. We began publishing digital editions of our publications to suit the preference of each individual reader. Some prefer to read The Guide online, while others enjoy reading through the pages each week.


While we have made many changes, some things have stayed the same. Every week without fail, our fleet of delivery vans travels across Delmarva to distribute The Guide and The Maryland Guide. If it’s a Wednesday, you can rest easy knowing there’s a new issue of The Guide to be read. We continue to offer a way for locals to stay informed with sales, events, and even the occasional recipe. Our weekly publication has become a tradition in many households, and we aim to keep it that way.

No one knows what the future holds, but we can say with confidence that we will continue to change and adapt in order to meet the needs of our advertisers and readers on Delmarva throughout the years to come.


6 Steps to Holiday Success for Your Small Business


1. Dress Your Business Up for the Holidays

Enlist the help of your employees and unleash some creative flair on your business. Don’t forget to have fun with it! Having hot drinks and cookies available for your shoppers is sure to please. Customers will to appreciate your efforts to make their shopping experience calming and pleasant.


2. Keep Your Employees Jolly

This time of year can be extraordinarily stressful, especially for employees of retail stores. High customer traffic and extended work hours can take a toll on morale. It is important that your customer service remains excellent at this time of year. Be sure to let your employees know how much they are valued and appreciated. Even just saying thank you means a lot. Go the extra mile by bringing your employees treats or planning a holiday party.

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Attract Tourists to Your Business This Summer

It’s no surprise that the tourism industry is booming on Delmarva. Our rich history, beautiful beaches, and tax free shopping in the first state make the Peninsula a tourism hotspot. Every year, millions of people flock from all over to visit the Eastern Shore. By following the tips below, many of these seasonal visitors can become potential customers for your business.

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